Scratch cards make for an excellent alternative to the nice old offline lotteries. The best thing about scratch cards is that the effect becomes known immediately. You simply have to erase the protective coating to discover the size of your win. If you haven’t won any such thing, you don’t have to despair! Just buy another lottery ticket and keep your fingers crossed for a win!















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AU$1500 + 150 free spins



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Playing scratch cards online: Pros

It’s no surprise that scratch cards have caught the attention of casino software providers. Because of this, nowadays, on line casinos in Australia offer all sorts of scratch cards to take pleasure from! Digital and physical scratch cards have become just like one another. But online lotteries still have a couple of advantages over their offline counterparts.

  • Instead of having to buy a physical lottery ticket, you can simply take up a game in your internet browser in a single click.
  • Many scratch card games feature stunning jackpot prizes. To hit a massive jackpot reward, you need to uncover matching special symbols. Honestly, there is no better way to produce a quick buck!
  • Instant online lotteries have lucrative bonus promotions that are not available in offline lotteries.
  • And lastly. With on line scratch cards, you can play for fun. Instant lottery games can be found both in real cash mode and in demo mode. You don’t even have to register with the web casino to play at no cost!

Classic decision

One great example of scratch cards can be found in the Betsoft-powered Skratcherz slot. The slot game offers as many as four types of scratch cards. Prices for the lottery tickets vary between $1 and $5.

online scratch cards

What makes this game so exciting is that it combines two types of scratch cards:

  • Cards where you’ll need to discover several (two or three) matching numbers. The matching numbers can be lined up in a row, or scattered anywhere on the ticket.
  • Two-part cards. The most effective part shows the winning numbers, while the lower part indicates the numbers on the ticket. In the event that you unearth matching numbers, you obtain a juicy money reward to your casino account.

With scratch cards of the first type, reward amounts are indicated directly in the cells. When working with scratch cards of the next type, you can view the reward amounts in the low area of the card. In addition, both types of cards have bonus sectors.

The biggest shortcoming of on the web scratch cards has to do with their interface. You have to scratch off the surface by hand with a virtual coin which may be slightly tedious (especially after you’ve played a couple of a large number of cards). Another drawback is that online lottery tickets have fixed prices.

Scratch cards from Microgaming

Both shortcomings mentioned previously have already been successfully eradicated by Microgaming in the Halloweenies scratch game. This lottery scratch simulator has varying ticket prices that range between $0. 5 to $10. Other game features include:

  • 9 hidden cells;
  • 5 characters with x1-x250 multipliers;
  • payout for three identical symbols.

The play process is actually the same. The gambler buys an on line lottery ticket and scratches off the protective layer by hitting a cell. If you’re lucky to discover three identical icons, you obtain a payout. How big is your payout is determined by the multiplier. In addition , the reward amount is multiplied by the ticket price.

To produce things clear, let’s have a concrete example. Suppose, you bought a scratch card for $1. You collected three pumpkin symbols. This combination is paid x250. This way, your payout is $250. Plus, with a ticket price limit of $10, your payout is increased to $2, 500. Another significant advantage of the Halloweenies scratch game is the Reveal All button. By simply clicking this button, you can open all of the cells at exactly the same time.

Australian casinos online offer a myriad of lucrative scratch card games with massive winnings. Explore them all!


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